Who runs this place?

Kitty.Town was created and is run by Ginny McQueen . You can find her on Mastodon @GinnyMcQueen, or email her at admin@kitty.Town.

Who pays for this?

Kitty.Town relies soley on support from the community. If you enjoy what we do and would like to help us grow, please consider contributing to the Patreon page. We also take donations via Paypal and Bitcoin (18ocF6gao55WNsTaFrrKKU1A4ax7xNM42m).

I joined Kitty.Town - now what?

Welcome! Be sure to check out your local timeline (and glance through the how-to if you need to know more about how Mastodon works). You'll want to follow @Katya for community announcements and support. You can also join our community Discord server by @'ing @Katya for an invite.

Once you are settled in and find yourself wanting to help us spread the word about Kitty.Town, feel free to use these flyers.